Which pattern for which fabric?

With so many different border prints, how do I choose which pattern works with which fabric?

Glad you asked. Here are my suggestions.

This is a downloadable PDF with the entire descriptions.

Description of which fabric would work best with which Triangle Frenzy pattern

1) Single border print. Ombre from one color to another or single image across the width of fabric (WOF) The two selvedges are different.

            The View from Here 2 by Northcott Canyon coloway DP23769-34.     

Use Triangle Frenzy Treble. The fabric is cut into 3 (treble) strips down the length of fabric.

    Triangle Frenzy Treble rainbow Color Collage 2


2) Double border print Mirrored or duplicate image. Both selvedges are the same, or print is repeated twice across the WOF.

Northcott Island Paradise Cayuga 2015   Northcott Petal and Stem 2021

Use Triangle Frenzy Amaryllis. The fabric is cut down the center into two strips, finished quilt resembles an Amaryllis flower.



3) Three repeats 
Not very common. We couldn't find any examples, but use the Triangle Frenzy Treble pattern.
4} Four (or five) repeats across the Width of Fabric - typical border print
This is the original border prints for which our patterns were designed.
And now a quilt - size pattern. Triangle Frenzy Bouquet, too.
See this page for other fabric examples.


6) Six or more repeats across the Width of Fabric. Not very common, but available sometimes.

Use the Triangle Frenzy Bouquet pattern, or any of the other patterns with strips left over.