Fabric suggestions for Triangle Frenzy Bouquet, too.

Triangle Frenzy patterns are very fabric dependent. More so than most other patterns, because the cuts are made following the printed lines, not specific sizes. This means the cutting instructions may not have measurements.


This is what to look for in a fabric:
Columns of flowers with background space between the flowers and the stripe.  The stripe is used as outer border.
Animals tend to get "cut up", so they doesn't look as good.

Version A quilt: All Over - is ideal to only use only one fabric, the main border fabric.

Version B quilt: With Border - requires a fabric similar to the background, so keep that in mind when purchasing the main border fabric.

Some images have links to their source, but availability is determined by the fabric company and the quilt shops. This is only an example of fabrics.

Coming Fall 2020 Covent Garden DP23808-99 from Northcott 
Henry Glass 2461-11 border stripe multi flowers with blue background
Dragonfly Garden 2461-11 by Henry Glass
on Checker April 2020
Rainbow Flight 77638-971 by Wilmington prints
on Checker July 2019
Floral Serenade 3007-68491-463 by Wilmington prints
Pink Garden 86469-93 by Wilmington Prints 
on Checker Sep 2020
Flower Study 96454-731 and background by Wilmington Prints
on Checker October 2020
Sapphire Blossoms by Wilmington Prints
on Checker  Oct 2020
Spellbound 51961M-X by Windham
on Checker June 2020
Garden Rose by Timeless Treasures
 on Checker March 2020