Artistically Engineered Designs

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It started out by accident. I was told to write this quilt pattern. 

The patterns became very popular. Understatement.

While attempting to register as a Limited Liability Corporation, it was determined that "Engineered" requires an Engineering degree or certification in the state of Virginia.

By that time Triangle Frenzy® had became a recognizable name in the quilting industry, so now that is the business name, and a registered trademark.
Artistically Engineered Designs is a DBA (Doing Business As) within Triangle Frenzy®.


I also use this name for some of my Scrapbook projects. It's appropriate.


If you came here from a Disney cruise, I can update your Subway poster. 

I will provide a digital file that you can print yourself.

Additional customization, such as celebrations, your names, images of your favorite characters, is available for a small additional fee.

Just use the Contact Us  form and my customer service will connect us.