Open or Unsubscribe?

My business manager would panic - if I had one.
Trim my email list or upgrade my plan?

As with everything right now, prices are going up.  My email provider has informed me that they are reducing the allowed number of subscribers for the free plan. That means paying a monthly fee to be able to send emails for the 23 people over my 500 people email limit. 

I hate to lose anyone, but also hate to enter inboxes of people that are not interested.  

So I have come to the conclusion to trim my email subscriber list.
There are many that don't even open my emails. For those of you that do, I thank you for your curiosity.

By opening this email you are in the minority. You will stay on my list for occasional blog posts and emails, unless you unsubscribe yourself.

Thank you for your interest, and curiosity.

Bunnie Cleland
Triangle Frenzy LLC


  • I’ve made some of your kits, please keep them coming. Am so happy to see the Lavender Market back, am ordering it now. Thanks!

    Sharon L Libertini
  • I read, I read. Keep’em coming!

  • Hello, please keep creating. You make such beautiful things. I have some of your patterns. I just need to buy the ruler. Thank you for sharing with us your amazing work.

    Best regards,

    Louise DaoustHello,
  • please add me to your list.

    Margo Bavry

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