Long time no hear!

Wow, It has been a long time since I posted in this blog.

In a nutshell, I am all done with my breast cancer treatment. No lingering effects, but my professional photo is now outdated since I have stopped coloring my hair, as have many ladies!

Patterns are still coming. Now, along with the ever-popular Triangle Frenzy Swirl, Runner, and Whirlwind, I have expanded with more patterns to utilize different size Border prints, and the different cutting instructions and yardages they require.

Triangle Frenzy Treble uses a single border print, one where the ombre or design goes from one selvage to the other.

Triangle Frenzy Amaryllis uses a double border print, where the ombre or design goes from one selvage to the center and repeats to the other selvage.

Triangle Frenzy Bouquet, too is for the more common four repeat border prints, making a quilt-size design.

Triangle Frenzy Whirlwind uses 8 half-yards in a strip set to make a quilt.
This is the technique I will use to publish my book, tentatively entitled "Triangle Frenzy, from Coaster to King Size"
Now that I have announced it to the world, I have to do it, right?





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