Fabric Kits and Digital Patterns


Just a quick note.

With all that is going on in the world, we are using new phrases: physical distancing, workforce de-densify, shelter in place, don't touch your face. My spell check doesn't even recognize de-densify.

Even those of us that are used to working from home can be effected by our newly work-at-home spouses.

Just in case you run out of things to sew (HA). Well, just in case you get bored with the UnFinished Objects that you already have, I have a few temptations.

I have recently added some Fabric Kits to my website:


And if you don't need more fabric, or already have some border prints waiting around, my patterns are now available by Digital Download.


Just look at these as one more option in a time of limited options.

What are you doing to "keep busy?"


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