Broken Glass Blog Hop

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

Broken Glass from Island Batik, designed for Kathy Engle for Swan Amity Sheridan of Swan Amity Studios is landing in stores this month!  To help launch this happy line of fabric, I have joined a group of innovative designers to bring you an exciting list of ideas for smaller projects that make use of this beautiful batik.

This is not exactly a smaller project. It is my Triangle Frenzy Whirlwind quilt, Size 70'' x 81''

Stop by all the blogs and check out Swan's for a great giveaway!


  • Colors are Beautiful

    Pam Marshall
  • wow but this is so pretty. thanks for sharing and inspiring

    Lori Smanski
  • Beautiful quilt! Lovely fabrics!

  • love the q2uilt in the broken glass line of fabrics.simple strips done up in a different way

    Debbi Lauzier
  • Can you believe I have many of your patterns and never pictured them using batiks.. now seeing it done I am anxious to try it.. thank you for sharing.

    Debbi Lauzier

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