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Artistically Engineered Designs is the creator of Triangle Frenzy, a versatile series of quilting patterns that produce visually stunning projects such as small table runners, table toppers, lap quilts, and bed quilts. Based on a simple equilateral triangle, arranged in many configurations for endless variations, Triangle Frenzy is a full color paper pattern that comes with step-by-step, illustrated instructions for experienced beginners or intermediate level quilters.

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Triangle Frenzy Whirlwind

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The Triangle Frenzy Concept

Simply cut some triangles, spin them around, rearrange them, and sew them together! Create table runners, mantle runners, bed runners, lap quilts and more, using equilateral triangles. An equilateral triangle features three sides of the same length. Because all three angles are 60°, it is also known as a 60° equilateral triangle.


Triangle Frenzy patterns

We sell our patterns to quilt shops and quilt shop distributors. Please check with your Local Quilt Shop to see if they carry these patterns.
If they don't, please ask for them.  We prefer directing customers to their local quilt shop to help support local businesses. 

Triangle Frenzy Runner   Triangle Frenzy Hexagon   Triangle Frenzy Swirl Lavender Market
Triangle Frenzy Runner
Triangle Frenzy Hexagon
  Triangle Frenzy Swirl